Vijayakumar Panchakshari

Enterprise Architect, Cengage Learning

Being from a family of educators, Vijayakumar Panchakshari has always been passionate about learning and education. As a technology professional and a software engineer, Vijay strives to make the best use of both domains by revolutionizing the education industry through the use of technology. With a strong track record of more than twenty years of proven success in the software industry, Vijay has a broad experience in various functional areas of software engineering and enterprise architecture.  At Cengage, he is responsible for providing architecture strategy for MindTap learning platform (company’s flagship technology) and aligning product vision with enterprise roadmap. He enjoys working side-by-side with engineering teams and education experts to deliver cutting-edge digital innovations through technology platforms and tools.


  • Artificial Intelligence, Adapting to Student Needs (5/29/2018) - Education is the foundation that prepares people to pursue advancements in all areas. With increasing classroom size and tight budgets, education systems need to improve productivity and efficiency by leveraging advancements in technology. I think Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring disruptive innovation in education to all segments: K-12, Higher Ed, and Corporate training. Before jumping... Continue Reading →

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