Rich Pagano

Systems Analyst, Cengage

Prior to joining Cengage, Rich Pagano worked in financial services and healthcare, collaborating across business units to build content management systems that served to improve the associate experience. At Cengage since February 2018, Rich supports authoring and related applications for the Digital First Publishing program. His mindset is well suited to the Agile work environment. He enjoys Italian language and culture, travels to Italy where he resided on several occasions, and writes creative nonfiction in his spare time.


  • Workplace Collaboration (9/25/2018) - The future of work has been on my mind lately. It makes me think about how we work together, and how collaboration in the workplace, wherever that might be, is more important than ever. At Cengage, collaboration is enabled by tools, and for some groups, a variation of the agile scrum framework. Cross-functional teams build... Continue Reading →
  • Four Months In (8/14/2018) - Reflecting on my first several months at Cengage makes me think how quickly time has sped by while creating the illusion that I have been here much longer. Apart from orientation about an “education and technology company built for learners” and the Higher-Ed, K-12, professional, and library markets that it serves, reflecting also makes me... Continue Reading →

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