Luba Sakharuk

Director of Agile Transformation, Cengage

Luba Sakharuk came to US from Vilnius, Lithuania in 1992, right in time for high school. She has studied undergrad Computer Science at Northeastern University and received her Masters in Computer Science from Worcester Polytech Institute of Technology. She has previously worked at companies such as PTC, EMC, 3COM, Sonus Networks, Zoll Medical, Accurev and Altisource. Her current role is Director of Agile Transformation at Cengage Learning where she is leading a team of Agile Coaches with a focus on continuous improvement across the entire organization.
Luba is a highly motivated problem solver with extensive experience in Agile Transformation, as well as excellent analytical, communication and conflict resolution skills. She is passionate about Agile Solution Development, continuous process improvement and servant leadership.

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