Josh Eure

Web Content Editor, WebAssign

Josh Eure applies web design best practices to digital content to enhance user experience and to improve learning objectives for students. He utilizes proprietary and web-based mark-up languages and tools to create content on the WebAssign platform, as well as other Cengage platforms, and copyedits for consistency and style. As part of a cross-functional, Agile team, Josh works to improve accessibility in both new and legacy web content across WebAssign and Cengage platforms. Josh is also a published author of short fiction.


  • accessibility The Future of Accessibility (12/13/2017) - When thinking about accessibility, it’s easy to agree that public places should be open and available to all, regardless of any impairment. Wheelchair ramps, Brailled signs, flashing emergency lights and handicap bathroom stalls are given accommodations that we have come to expect in the public space. But the same is not necessarily true for the... Continue Reading →



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