Damayanti Chandrasekhar

Associate Web Content Editor, WebAssign

Damayanti Chandrasekhar, who goes by DC, joined Cengage-WebAssign in March 2017 as an associate web content editor. Prior to this, she was an editor at Frost & Sullivan, handling healthcare content. As a freelance content writer, she has written several  articles for content mills such as Crowd Source (now OneSpace) and worked in the sales and marketing team at Scio Health Analytics. For the last five years, DC has been an avid blogger sharing inspiration and life experiences in her blog www.punctuatelife.com. Her blogs have appeared in websites such as Unboxed Writers, Heart and Soul ezine, and Sheroes, and in The New Indian Express, Bangalore edition. When she is not working or blogging she can be found baking or cooking her favorite recipes, playing tennis with her kids or planning her next road trip.


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