Brooke Satti Charles

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Cengage

Brooke Satti Charles’s career has been focused on project/program management, business process improvement, enterprise risk assessments, regulatory compliance, conflicts management, and the research and reporting of cyber-crime, fraud, money laundering, insurance, and terrorist financing. Prior to joining Cengage, Brooke held a number of roles at IBM, Bank of America and John Hancock / Manulife Financial Services. She is an accomplished writer and public speaker with a tremendous understanding of business process improvement, strategy, compliance and regulatory issues as well as the financial crime threat landscape.

  • CincyHacks Jr. 2019 (5/28/2019) - It’s time to talk about the Mason, OH Hack Club again! This amazing group of high school students hosted their annual Cengage sponsored hackathon event on Saturday April 6th, 2019. This year they changed the event from its prior 24 hour hackathon format to a daylong event, making this their first ever CincyHacks Jr. event!!!!... Continue Reading →
  • Hack Camp 2018 (8/23/2018) - In Mason, Ohio, a group of high school students is destined to become the future of technology! These students are teaching themselves how to code, they are embracing advanced techniques and methodologies, and they could soon rival our industry’s top programmers. What makes these kids truly unique? They want to share this knowledge with others.... Continue Reading →
  • Innovation, Good or Bad? (8/21/2018) - You have definitely heard the word innovation before. You’ve likely heard it countless times in the modern workplace.  Innovation can be used as a noun (innovation), adjective (innovative) and a verb (innovating). Combining it with other words in a sentence makes it sound exciting. It has also become an overused buzzword, usually paired with something... Continue Reading →
  • Cyber Attack and Education Cyber Attacks and Education. What are the Big Threats? (1/9/2018) - Cyber crime, malware and fraud are all terms synonymous with financial institutions and the healthcare industry. But, we forget that these are real threats for all industries – including the education sector.
  • Machine learning Does Machine Learning have a Place In Education? (12/19/2017) - As a nation, we are fascinated by AI (Artificial Intelligence). We create movies about it and write books and comics on the topic. We acknowledge that it is both wonderfully exciting and a little bit scary. We immediately imagine robot-like people walking around and interacting with us. Images of Star Wars and Wall-E come to... Continue Reading →

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