Brooke Satti Charles

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Cengage

Brooke Satti Charles’s career has been focused on project/program management, business process improvement, enterprise risk assessments, regulatory compliance, conflicts management, and the research and reporting of cyber-crime, fraud, money laundering, insurance, and terrorist financing. Prior to joining Cengage, Brooke held a number of roles at IBM, Bank of America and John Hancock / Manulife Financial Services. She is an accomplished writer and public speaker with a tremendous understanding of business process improvement, strategy, compliance and regulatory issues as well as the financial crime threat landscape.

  • Cyber Attack and Education Cyber Attacks and Education. What are the Big Threats? (1/9/2018) - Cyber crime, malware and fraud are all terms synonymous with financial institutions and the healthcare industry. But, we forget that these are real threats for all industries – including the education sector.
  • Machine learning Does Machine Learning have a Place In Education? (12/19/2017) - As a nation, we are fascinated by AI (Artificial Intelligence). We create movies about it and write books and comics on the topic. We acknowledge that it is both wonderfully exciting and a little bit scary. We immediately imagine robot-like people walking around and interacting with us. Images of Star Wars and Wall-E come to... Continue Reading →

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