Alina Aronova

Head of Operations and Chief of Staff, Cengage Learning

Alina Aronova joined Cengage in 2014 to help position the company as a market leader and innovator in education technology. In her role as Head of Operations and Chief of Staff in Global Technology, she oversees a cross functional Program Management team charged with helping Cengage scale is operations, mature technology, transform internal Culture, and grow business. She is an artist in corporate reinvention and has the unique ability to simplify chaos into actionable and executional workflows. Well known for her business transformation abilities in diverse functional areas, industries, and companies (from start-ups to global enterprises) she is always excited to tackle the challenges and complications of companies in a multitude of stages.


  • The Transformation Game, not for the Faint of Heart (5/22/2018) - Businesses are continuously evolving, adapting, changing and abandoning new technology. New industry developments and technological advancements have the potential to expand current revenue streams or open doors to grow new business. If done poorly or incorrectly companies open themselves to reputational risk, customer loss and financial downturns. In a world of constant innovation how can... Continue Reading →

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