Ryan Stadt

Content Engineering Manager, Cengage

Ryan Stadt is driven by empowering people to take control of their learning. The eclectic experiences that have grown this passion include leading backcountry trips, working as a Resident Advisor at a boarding school, and teaching high school mathematics. Ryan joined Cengage in 2014 as a content engineer to help build technological solutions to the problems facing students and instructors. In his free time he can be found running on Boston’s North Shore, hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, or tabletop gaming at home.

  • You Need to Engineer Your Content (6/5/2018) - We’ve all been there. You’re building a new educational platform, one that delivers cutting edge content in a beautiful, seamless interface. You’ve thought through the user experience, you have the latest tech stack, and you’ve architected for performance and scalability. Someone on the team mocked up some sample content to develop against and the engineers... Continue Reading →

Vijayakumar Panchakshari

Enterprise Architect, Cengage Learning

Being from a family of educators, Vijayakumar Panchakshari has always been passionate about learning and education. As a technology professional and a software engineer, Vijay strives to make the best use of both domains by revolutionizing the education industry through the use of technology. With a strong track record of more than twenty years of proven success in the software industry, Vijay has a broad experience in various functional areas of software engineering and enterprise architecture.  At Cengage, he is responsible for providing architecture strategy for MindTap learning platform (company’s flagship technology) and aligning product vision with enterprise roadmap. He enjoys working side-by-side with engineering teams and education experts to deliver cutting-edge digital innovations through technology platforms and tools.


  • Artificial Intelligence, Adapting to Student Needs (5/29/2018) - Education is the foundation that prepares people to pursue advancements in all areas. With increasing classroom size and tight budgets, education systems need to improve productivity and efficiency by leveraging advancements in technology. I think Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring disruptive innovation in education to all segments: K-12, Higher Ed, and Corporate training. Before jumping... Continue Reading →

Christopher Martello

Application Performance Manager, Cengage Learning

Christopher Martello has been working in the IT Industry for over 18 years with a wide range of Quality Assurance Testing experience.  His work recently with Cengage Learning has involved Amazon Cloud testing, application integration testing, as well as enterprise-wide load and performance testing.  Christopher currently runs an application management team to ensure product readiness for our Cengage Unlimited product offering coming this fall.  When he’s not testing Enterprise Application Platforms for Cengage Learning, he is a spare-time iOS Developer, Father of two boys, outdoorsman, and Master Falconer.

Carl Nygard

Director, Application Architecture at Cengage Learning

Carl Nygard joined Cengage in January 2017, initially working on infrastructure and platform Architecture before transitioning to a role concentrating on Activity and Assessment across the Cengage product portfolio. He lives by the Engineering 101 credo “Got a problem? Fix it!” and brings 25 years of experience from multiple industries to help solve problems and build solutions to improve the educational opportunities for millions of students, including his own five children.

  • Estimation Accuracy in Software Engineering Estimation Accuracy in Software Engineering (4/10/2018) - or… How to Advance Your Career by Creating Your Own Redundancy Are you responsible for ensuring that software projects are completed on time, on budget, and meet all specifications? Have you read article after article related to estimation, project management and software design?  Even though these tasks seem to be more project management related, as... Continue Reading →

Alina Aronova

Head of Operations and Chief of Staff, Cengage Learning

Alina Aronova joined Cengage in 2014 to help position the company as a market leader and innovator in education technology. In her role as Head of Operations and Chief of Staff in Global Technology, she oversees a cross functional Program Management team charged with helping Cengage scale is operations, mature technology, transform internal Culture, and grow business. She is an artist in corporate reinvention and has the unique ability to simplify chaos into actionable and executional workflows. Well known for her business transformation abilities in diverse functional areas, industries, and companies (from start-ups to global enterprises) she is always excited to tackle the challenges and complications of companies in a multitude of stages.


  • The Transformation Game, not for the Faint of Heart (5/22/2018) - Businesses are continuously evolving, adapting, changing and abandoning new technology. New industry developments and technological advancements have the potential to expand current revenue streams or open doors to grow new business. If done poorly or incorrectly companies open themselves to reputational risk, customer loss and financial downturns. In a world of constant innovation how can... Continue Reading →

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