Passion for Problem Solving: Cengage Global Technology Q&A, Part 2

In this second installment of Passion for Problem Solving, we continue our conversation with three members of the Cengage Global Technology team (to read Part 1, click here). In this discussion, enterprise architect Matthew Guilfoy, senior software engineer Paul Vaillancourt, and senior software engineer Mike Lesniak discuss their favorite aspects of their roles, key motivators, most inspiring projects, and the differentiators that define Cengage culture.  What’s your favorite thing about working in your role? Matthew Guilfoy (MG): Collaborative... Continue Reading →

Passion for Problem Solving: Cengage Global Technology Q&A, Part 1

One of the best things about working at Cengage is the never-ending opportunity for learning: uncovering new student and instructor needs, growing in our professions, and learning about each other. To this last point, we recently took time out to speak with three members of the Cengage Global Technology team. As evidenced by these conversations, the... Continue Reading →

Culture is King in our Virtual World

Just over a year ago, Cengage transitioned overnight to working remotely with no idea of what the coming months would bring. I’ve been amazed and impressed by how our team – Cengage’s Global Technology (CGT) organization – has navigated this time and, when I reflect on elements key to our success, culture looms large. While... Continue Reading →

DITA @ Cengage

Whenever DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) comes to mind, I think back to the year that Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. In 2007, I attended the 3rd annual DITA North America Conference and learned how this open standard can be used to assemble component content. When I heard that DITA was being used at Cengage,... Continue Reading →

Free Flow

Sometime after publishing my last article, Evolution via model-driven development, Doug Mealing (SVP, Chief Architect, Cengage) suggested I create a follow-up article to address how systems evolve. This is a topic of great interest to me. When I met with Doug, along with Jason Swafford (SVP, Software Engineering, Cengage), I was surprised that the conversation... Continue Reading →

Evolution via model-driven development

To be a truly great technology leader you have to be a visionary. You must continue to tackle day to day tasks while also developing strategies and roadmaps that will launch you into the future. Risks can bring both consequences and rewards. Can software development be guided towards an architectural vision? I have wanted to... Continue Reading →

CincyHacks Jr. 2019

It’s time to talk about the Mason, OH Hack Club again! This amazing group of high school students hosted their annual Cengage sponsored hackathon event on Saturday April 6th, 2019. This year they changed the event from its prior 24 hour hackathon format to a daylong event, making this their first ever CincyHacks Jr. event!!!!... Continue Reading →

My Journey in Tech

I am a woman in Tech I love coding. I started my adventure with programming a long time ago. Coding was a thing I wanted to do because I thought it would be awesome. I love the crisp elegance of the logic, and the thrill when suddenly  all pieces of the puzzle are in the... Continue Reading →

Real User Feedback

More than one year in, my work at Cengage continues to focus on supporting the development of an authoring tool (My Econtent Factory), part of a larger pipeline in which to deliver digital first content. Within the context of that work, a happy intersection has grown between user feedback and my support to paint a... Continue Reading →

Too Psychologically Safe

Psychological Safety is a hot topic these days. There are official definitions, detailed research papers and many blogs on the topic. It is also commonly mentioned in articles and books that discuss high performing teams. The idea is that in psychologically safe teams, team members feel accepted, respected and not afraid to speak up, which... Continue Reading →

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