DITA @ Cengage

Whenever DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) comes to mind, I think back to the year that Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. In 2007, I attended the 3rd annual DITA North America Conference and learned how this open standard can be used to assemble component content. When I heard that DITA was being used at Cengage,... Continue Reading →

Free Flow

Sometime after publishing my last article, Evolution via model-driven development, Doug Mealing (SVP, Chief Architect, Cengage) suggested I create a follow-up article to address how systems evolve. This is a topic of great interest to me. When I met with Doug, along with Jason Swafford (SVP, Software Engineering, Cengage), I was surprised that the conversation... Continue Reading →

Evolution via model-driven development

To be a truly great technology leader you have to be a visionary. You must continue to tackle day to day tasks while also developing strategies and roadmaps that will launch you into the future. Risks can bring both consequences and rewards. Can software development be guided towards an architectural vision? I have wanted to... Continue Reading →

Real User Feedback

More than one year in, my work at Cengage continues to focus on supporting the development of an authoring tool (My Econtent Factory), part of a larger pipeline in which to deliver digital first content. Within the context of that work, a happy intersection has grown between user feedback and my support to paint a... Continue Reading →

From Aspire to Provisional Patent

About the time I completed my last article for Cengage Tech, I was already thinking about the topic for my next post. Hearing about a Cengage patent application caught my attention, and after pitching the idea of writing about the underlying process, I started to meet with key players associated with the provisional patent application.... Continue Reading →

Workplace Collaboration

The future of work has been on my mind lately. It makes me think about how we work together, and how collaboration in the workplace, wherever that might be, is more important than ever. At Cengage, collaboration is enabled by tools, and for some groups, a variation of the agile scrum framework. Cross-functional teams build... Continue Reading →

Four Months In

Reflecting on my first several months at Cengage makes me think how quickly time has sped by while creating the illusion that I have been here much longer. Apart from orientation about an "education and technology company built for learners" and the Higher-Ed, K-12, professional, and library markets that it serves, reflecting also makes me... Continue Reading →

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