Author Bios

Brooke Satti Charles

Brooke Satti Charles

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Cengage

Josh Eure

Josh Eure

Web Content Editor, WebAssign

Matt Tower

Matt Tower

Senior Associate, SEI Ventures

Damayanti Chandrasekhar

Associate Web Content Editor, WebAssign

Alina Aronova

Head of Operations and Chief of Staff, Cengage Learning

Carl Nygard

Director, Application Architecture at Cengage Learning

Christopher Martello

Application Performance Manager, Cengage Learning

Vijayakumar Panchakshari

Enterprise Architect, Cengage Learning

Ryan Stadt

Content Engineering Manager, Cengage

Luba Sakharuk

Luba Sakharuk

Director of Agile Transformation, Cengage

Rich Pagano

Systems Analyst, Cengage

Mira Bossowska

Senior Content Architect, Cengage

George Moore

Chief Technology Officer, Cengage

Macy Lawrence

Manager, Media Design, Creative Studio, Cengage

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