Author Bios

Brooke Satti Charles

Brooke Satti Charles

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Cengage

Josh Eure

Josh Eure

Web Content Editor, WebAssign

Matt Tower

Matt Tower

Analyst, Technology Strategy & Operations, Cengage Learning

Damayanti Chandrasekhar

Associate Web Content Editor, WebAssign

Alina Aronova

Head of Operations and Chief of Staff, Cengage Learning Alina Aronova joined Cengage in 2014 to help position the company as a market leader and innovator in education technology. In her role as Head of Operations and Chief of Staff in Global Technology, she oversees a cross functional Program Management team charged with helping Cengage… Continue Reading →

Carl Nygard

Director, Application Architecture at Cengage Learning Carl Nygard joined Cengage in January 2017, initially working on infrastructure and platform Architecture before transitioning to a role concentrating on Activity and Assessment across the Cengage product portfolio. He lives by the Engineering 101 credo “Got a problem? Fix it!” and brings 25 years of experience from multiple… Continue Reading →

Christopher Martello

Application Performance Manager, Cengage Learning Christopher Martello has been working in the IT Industry for over 18 years with a wide range of Quality Assurance Testing experience.  His work recently with Cengage Learning has involved Amazon Cloud testing, application integration testing, as well as enterprise-wide load and performance testing.  Christopher currently runs an application management… Continue Reading →

Vijayakumar Panchakshari

Enterprise Architect, Cengage Learning Being from a family of educators, Vijayakumar Panchakshari has always been passionate about learning and education. As a technology professional and a software engineer, Vijay strives to make the best use of both domains by revolutionizing the education industry through the use of technology. With a strong track record of more… Continue Reading →

Ryan Stadt

Content Engineering Manager, Cengage Ryan Stadt is driven by empowering people to take control of their learning. The eclectic experiences that have grown this passion include leading backcountry trips, working as a Resident Advisor at a boarding school, and teaching high school mathematics. Ryan joined Cengage in 2014 as a content engineer to help build… Continue Reading →

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